The Causes and Types of Canine Pneumothorax

Canine Pneumothorax pic

Canine Pneumothorax

Based in Rockledge, Florida, Dr. Brian Daubs serves as the Animal Specialty and Emergency Hospital’s chief of surgery. Dr. Brian Daubs regularly removes lung tumors, which can extend dogs’ lives by several years. He also undertakes surgery for pneumothorax, which involves air collecting in the pleural space that lies between the lungs and chest wall.

There are several types of the condition, including traumatic pneumothorax. This is caused by a sudden accident, such as being hit by a vehicle, and is often accompanied by shock. In most cases, traumatic pneumothorax is open, with the chest wall punctured and allowing contact between the outside air and the pleural space.

Tension pneumothorax occurs when regular inhalation causes a single-direction transfer of air into the pleural space. On the other hand, spontaneous pneumothorax is nontraumatic in nature and may be accompanied by the presence of an underlying lung disease. It is often closed and not associated with respiratory defects. This type of pneumothorax is most common in the Siberian Husky and other large dogs with deep chests.