Teaching Your Dog to Stay

eaching Your Dog to Stay pic

eaching Your Dog to Stay
Image: ehow.com

Dr. Brian Daubs is an experienced veterinary surgeon working in Rockledge, Florida, at the Animal Specialty and Emergency Clinic. Dr. Brian Daubs also provides discounted surgical services to in-need animals. Outside of work he enjoys raising and training his dogs.

The first step towards training a dog to stay comes in the form of realistic expectations. Slower, more docile dogs may pick up the stay command with relative ease. For high-energy puppies, however, owners should initially only expect one or two seconds of “stay.” Shorter, effective stays are more beneficial than a long hold that ends in the dog breaking the command and exiting the training session.

The actual training should take place in a familiar setting at a time during which the dog will face as few distractions as possible. Owners should begin by commanding the dog to either sit or lie. If the dog holds the pose for a short time without breaking, owners can reward the dog with praise and a a treat. As the dog continues to hold the pose for longer periods of time, owners should introduce the desired verbal cue. Owners can begin stepping away from the dog, eventually leaving the room while the dog holds the “stay” position.


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