Presentation of Lung Lobe Tumors in Dogs

Lung Lobe Tumors pic

Lung Lobe Tumors

Dr. Brian Daubs, president and founder of Treasure Coast Veterinary Surgical Service, has removed lung tumors in many dogs. Through this procedure, Dr. Brian Daubs strives to give dogs more quality years with their families.

In dogs, lung cancer most often arises at or after middle age. Lung lobe tumors are frequently metastatic, meaning that the cancer cells grow elsewhere and travel into the lung tissue via the circulatory system. Primary lung lobe tumors are much less common, though the prevalence increases in pets that live in pollutant-heavy areas or in houses with smokers.

Although lung tumors develop asymptomatically in approximately 25 percent of cases, the condition may also cause chronic cough as well as lethargy and weight loss. Large tumors or those that press against key organ structures may cause labored or rapid breathing. In some cases, the tumor may prompt the dog to suddenly regurgitate its food after mealtimes. Other symptoms, largely related to metastasis of the tumor, can include lameness, swelling of the extremities, and wasting of the muscles.


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