Benefits of Hip Replacement in Pets

Dr. Brian Daubs, DVM, specializes in veterinary surgery. By performing a variety of surgical procedures on pets in the Rockledge, Florida area, Brian Daubs makes a difference in the lives of both pets and their owners. One such procedure is total hip replacement in small pets.

Hip replacement is a type of surgery that involves replacing the ball and socket of the pet’s hip joints. Since it is an invasive procedure, not all pets are good candidates; Behavior problems and nerve problems, for example, might prevent this type of surgery from being a possibility. However, for pets that are good candidates, the surgery can bring many benefits.

In particular, hip replacement provides the pet with greater mobility and range of motion. The pet might be able to do activities it has not done for years, and therefore can enjoy a more active and healthy lifestyle. In addition, once pets are no longer dealing with ongoing pain during movement, their personality and demeanor often improve, and they can enjoy a more comfortable life with their owners.


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