Caring for a Cat After an Animal Bite

Dr. Brain Daubs, a small animal veterinarian for more than nine years, draws on extensive experience in treating both simple and complex feline injuries. Dr. Brain Daubs pursues a particular professional interest in the treatment trauma cases including bite wounds.

Cats that spend time outdoors or with other animals may receive bites from time to time. The most important thing an owner can do is to assess the severity of the wound, as deep punctures may have damaged underlying structures. If this is the case, the cat should be taken to a veterinarian as soon as possible. Minor wounds may be treated at home before the owner seeks care.

Experts suggest that owners apply pressure to a bite wound with gauze or a clean cloth. Once the bleeding has stopped, they can tape the gauze to the wound during transit to the veterinarian’s office. Owners can clean minor shallow wounds with water or antiseptic solution; however, deep wounds need professional care. Often times the puncture at the skin is the “tip of the iceberg” and there is severe trauma under that puncture wound. If the chest cavity or abdominal cavity is punctured, this becomes a life threating situation. After the cat has received the treatment it needs, the owner must take care to keep the wound clean and dry and prevent the cat from licking at its wounds until they heal. This typically takes between one and two weeks.


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